Saracens Head Angling Group

Work Parties

Working Parties     Meet at the water for around 1830hrs.

If you wish to meet at the Saracens Head give me or one of the other committee members a call, thanks, Graham 07764960877 

Jun 09 Church Pool - Weston

Jun 23 Bramshall Pool - Bramshall

Jun 30 1 Acre Pool - Hixon

Jul 07 River Tean - Tean

Jul 23 River Trent - Weston



AGM Minutes 2008


Minutes of the meeting held at the Saracens Head on 03 March 2008 at 2000hrs. 31 members attended.


Important bit:  Membership subscriptions are held at last years rates as follows:


·         Membership subscriptions for Seniors for 2007  - £30 per year

·         Membership subscriptions for Juniors for 2007 - £5 per year


1.   Apologies were received from N. Thompson, D. Blench, D. Wilkes, M. Fletcher,                        P. Yeomans & H. Daw.


2    The 2007 AGM minutes were accepted as being a true record.


Matters arising from the 2007 minutes: None


Secretary’s Report:  Membership numbers hit 96 by the end of the year.  Programme of working parties were relatively well attended although it is generally the “usual suspects” attending. Following issues raised by Monty Brown at the 1 Acre lake, two working parties were carried out and has helped to keep the nettles and brambles at bay.


Treasurers Report:  Accounts have been audited.  Bank balances remain good. Further notes and balance sheet were not available at the time of writing the minutes.


Match Secretaries Report: Some excellent weights had been reported from the club matches with winning bags again of over 20lb.  Number of “specimen” fish reported from the canal including a perch approaching 4lb.  Matches have been opened up to none members with an increased attendance reported.  Initial discussions indicate matches have been arranged every other Sunday, mostly utilising the canal with the 1 Acre Lake used during June and July.


Election of Officers: Close to a wholesale change in the committee with the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer all standing down. New committee unanimously voted in as follows: 


      Chairman: Gordon Harrison

      Vice Chairman: Andrew Willatt

      Secretary: Graham Rowley

      Treasurer: Mike Williamson

      Match Secretary: Steve Sherriff

      Deputy Match Secretary: Pete Avery


      Auditors: Neil Jennings & Charlie Challinor.


Correspondence report:  Received from the Environment Agency regarding the pollution incident on the Gayton brook (as reported above).


10   Any other business.


Request from a couple of members to investigate the provision of disabled access to the waters, especially the Canal.  Request to also review membership rates for members with disabilities prevent ready access to the waters..


Next AGM to be held at Saracens Head, Monday 2nd March 2009


      They’re being no further business the meeting closed at 9-30pm.

AGM Minutes 2007



Dear Club Members,

Another year has gone and the club AGM has come and gone. I have attached a copy of the minutes arising from the AGM.

The main item of interest arising from the AGM are summarised as follows:

Membership subscriptions for Seniors for 2007 - £30 per year

Membership subscriptions for Juniors for 2007 - £5 per year

The age limit for juniors remains at 16, however, the junior rate of will also apply to those between the ages of 16 and 18 as long as a minimum of 3 working parties are attended each year.

Working parties have been poorly attended during 2006. A reminder of dates scheduled for this year is attached. All members are welcome / greatly appreciated.

I have also attached the match calendar for 2007.

Whilst I appreciate that not all members will have e-mail, it would be extremely useful if those members with access to e-mail could send me a note confirming their e-mail address. This will speed up dissemination of information to club members as well as saving on postage.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.



Graham Ramshaw


07973 852 056


Saracens Head Angling Group

Minutes of the meeting held at the Saracens Head on Monday 5th March 2007 at 2000hrs.

23 members and 3 guests attended.

1. Apologies were received from T. Cogin, S. Haughton, P. Wallace, J. Harrison, R. Horobin, H. Daw.

2 The 2006 AGM minutes were accepted as being a true record.

Matters arising from the 2006 minutes. None

Chairman’s Report.

The past year has, in my opinion, been like the curate’s egg - that is good in parts!

There has been a decline in the number of members attending the Saracens Head on a Monday night and this begs the question – would another night be more popular?

In the past year I was out of action for about two months having a knee replaced with a state of the art titanium joint and again for a month in New Zealand. This is partly the reason why the social events that, in last year’s report, I said I hoped might be run – Fly day out and the Wormers v Fly Fishers match did not take place.

We have had communication problems between committee members which has seriously affected our efficiency, both with membership and matches, the Committee must make an effort to meet regularly, either on Mondays or on another night. This problem has to be addressed today when we elect our officers for the next year and volunteers must bear this in mind.

On the brighter side we maintained our membership level of 100 and ran a waiting list although I believe there are fewer names than a year ago.

The trip to Bala took place again with seven anglers attending, the same number as the year before. The weather was good but the river was lower than usual and catches were down a little. Some members watched a match on Lake Bala and now know how to fish it and are keen to put that knowledge into practise. We ran our maggot racing board and discovered a very nice restaurant.

Finally thank you to our committee members especially Gordon Harrison who has put a lot of time into his role as Liaison Officer.

Secretaries & Fisheries Liaison Officer Reports.

Gordon Harrison provided a summary of work undertaken as Fisheries Liaison Officer. Gordon has had a busy 12 months. Issues arising were reported as follows:

1 Acre Pool – concerns were raised by Monty regarding the condition of the water. As a result a detailed work party was undertaken to strip back the undergrowth and two working parties have been scheduled for 2007. Annual rent for the water has also increased by 20% in 2006. Further problems were reported late in the 2006 with water losses. An emergency work party was undertaken with members repairing the overflow pipework by torchlight.

River Trent – Confirmation from the Environment Agency of two fish stocking exercises one on our stretch of the river and one around 2 miles upstream.

Far Coley Pools – Through Gordon’s endeavours we have secured another water located just outside Little Haywood. The site includes two pools, the larger of which is only slightly smaller than the 1 Acre Pool. The pools have only recently been established however an initial foray by committee members returned a number of small carp to 2lb. Access facilities are excellent and will be particular useful to members of the club with reduced mobility.

Secretary’s Report: After a slow start, the club hit its set limit of 100 members late in 2006. Some delays occurred in issue of paperwork due to work commitments and as a result take up of the waiting list members was delayed on month to July.

All waters, probably with the exception of the Trent had fished well all year with the Canal probably the star water with chub to 4lb, perch to over 2lb, carp top over 2lb and roach to over 1lb all reported. For the Trent only chub have bee reported although heavy stocking by the EA should hopefully change this in the future.

Treasurers Report

Due to work commitments it had not been possible for the treasurer to arrange for the accounts to be audited. Bank balances remain good however planning for the future changes would be required to either subscription rates and/or membership numbers to balance the books in the next few years.

Match Secretaries Report

Some excellent weights had been reported from the club matches with winning bags of over 20lb reported form the November match. The canal has fished extremely well throughout the year and is probably one of the best waters in the local area. Attendance at the later matches had suffered possibly as a result from competition from other events including local Winter League matches. Further discussions are to take place to change the format of the matches to encourage a wider participation including opening the matches to other clubs.

Election of Officers.

Committee were re-elected as follows: Mike Williamson – Chairman; Paul Leadbeater -Vice Chairman; Graham Ramshaw - Club Secretary; Pete Avery – Treasurer; and Steve Sherriff - Match Secretary. Auditors – Neil Jennings & Charlie Challinor. Andrew Willatt and Graham Rowley were nominated as lay members.

Correspondence. Leaflets received from British Waterways regarding the dangers of fishing below high power cables.

10 Any other business.

A detailed discussions was undertaken regarding membership subscriptions. To balance the books during later years rates would need to increase significantly. As a compromise arrangement proposed to increase subs to £30 per year for seniors but also to remove the limit of members. The proposal was agreed by a vote of 21 to 2.

Next AGM to be held at Saracens Head, Monday 3rd March 2008

They’re being no further business the meeting closed at 9-30pm.

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