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Newsletter 2010/2011

Events Calendar (Further details inside)


May 10                                Fly Day Out Seighford 

June 7                                  work party Bramshall Pool

June 14                               Work Party Upper Blythe

June 28                               work party 1 Acre pool

July 5                                  work party River Tean

Oct 22 (TBC)                    Grayling (Saracens on tour) weekend

Dec 5                                    Fur & Feather

March 7                            AGM – Saracens Head 7:30 for 8:00 pm


May 31                                membership expires – time to renew!


Cheque payable to S.H.A.G. sent to;

M. Williamson

21 Woodland Views


Staffs ST14 8NF



Please support the club by attending as many work parties as you can, they start at 6:30 pm then we generally migrate to the Saracens Head after to quench our thirst and, discuss the physical difference between chub and sea trout!


The club has a lively and growing website available, please visit and contribute


Email to


Text any concerns about poaching or similar activity to 07764 960877


A warm welcome to all members and prospective members of


The Saracens Head Angling Group.


May we take this opportunity to thank all our returning members and offer any new members the best of luck in the coming season.


The committee along with a smattering of members usually get together each Monday night at the Saracens Head for a chat and to update each other on matters piscatorial, why not pop in and say hello, join in with the debates and put your views or questions across, the club is there for all of us to enjoy and play a part.


As with all new developments, information and photographs will appear on the clubs website.


To assist with club funds could all anglers who are willing to accept future correspondence via email please let us know.  This will reduce the clubs financial outgoings and bring you the new developments as they happen.



Thank you all for your continued help, tight lines to you all.


Saracens Head Angling Group Committee.




Gordon Harrison                    01889 271145

Vice Chairman:              

Andrew Willatt              01889 271329


Graham Rowley           01889 270994


Mike Williamson           01283 820407

Liaison Officer:              

Pete Avery                     01785 212415


A.V. Hall                      01785 819179

Lay Member:                

Graham Ramshaw


Neil Jennings & Charlie Challinor



Dear Club Members,


Minutes of the meeting held at the Saracens Head on 08 March 2010 at 20:00hrs.


20 members and 5 guests attended.


Membership subscriptions are held at last years rates as follows:


·         Membership subscriptions for seniors             2010 - £30 per year

·         Membership subscriptions for juniors              2010 - £5   per year




Received from Nigel Baxter, Chris Tilston, Simon Jennings, Phil Yeomans, Roger Ingram, Roger Till, Charlie Challinor, John Dawson, Mike Fletcher, Geoff Stanley, Debra Williams, Colin Mars and Tony Onions. Neil Jennings apologised for attending!


The 2009 AGM


Minutes were accepted as being a true record.


Matters arising from the 2009 minutes:




Chairman’s Report.


Welcome to everyone and thank you for attending this AGM.


Overall, the year has been good in some respects and not so good in others.  Unfortunately, due to the behaviour of two members the club lost the fishing rights to Church Pool, Weston, night fishing and also litter being left at bank side being the main causes. Fortunately we have still maintained Gayton Brook, owned by the same people as Church Pool. The loss of the pool was a great blow and shows the need for members to actively take responsibility of their actions when fishing club waters.


The 2009 S.H.A.G. on tour fishing weekend at Docklow Pools in Herefordshire was a great success with some very nice fish caught, our thanks to Secretary Graham Rowley for his organisational skills in sorting the venue out, no doubt Graham will mention this in his report.


Our stretch of the Trent and Mersey Canal was chosen as one of the waters for the NFA finals competition held in August 2009. My thanks to the handful or so members (and one none member) who gave their time not just on the day itself but also the few practice days before hand. The time taken in sorting out pegs, the pub and our two parking areas on those days was no easy matter, the club also provided the stewards on the day who were also involved with the weigh in. However, the club made some welcome cash by being involved, Treasurer Mike to enlighten us.


Fisheries, 1-Acre Pool has not been fishing to expectations over the last several months, initially this was thought to be due to Fennel Pondweed, however, the work party last June raked much of this out and the problem of the missing fish still exists. We now believe Argulas may be the problem and boards have been placed in the water to eradicate, Environment Agency have been informed. Bramshall Pool, 100, 4 to 5 inch Tench have been ordered and hopefully will be introduced to the pool in April (2010).


Matches over the last year have been more or less non existent, Match Secretary Steve Sherriff has pulled out all the stops to arrange but to no avail. Due to this the committee have taken the step of deleting the position of Match Secretary as the position is now redundant. At this point I would like to thank Steve and his deputy Pete “Budgie” Avery for their hard work and endeavours in trying to promote matches.


Finally, my thanks to all the committee and members for their support and I would ask members to please try and help on at least one work party, it helps to keep our landowners happy. Workmaster Alan V. Hall has already set the dates, these will be included in the Newsletter, and normally we meet outside the Saracens at 6:00 pm on work dates.


Gordon Harrison



Secretary’s Report: 


o         Thank you to committee for a sterling job.

o         Membership this year topped out at 76 adults and 10 juniors.

o         We do seem to have some interest shown by potential members, and my feeling this year is that we will have similar membership numbers to last year.

o         The website is quite quiet with only the occasional postings – please feel free to view.

o         This year seems to have been particularly quiet with regard to match reports; a further announcement will be made.

o         Work parties – again these seem only to be manned by ‘the regular suspects’ although we cannot make these mandatory it does help the club if we have a good turnout – not only does it improve the fishing, it is a good way to meet your fellow anglers and put faces to names – and we normally have a drink after the session.

o         The Grayling weekend was a great success apart from the lack of Grayling! It was attended by 9 members and a good time was had by all, staying at the Docklow Pools complex near to Hereford, they have 9 pools and stretches of the Wye and Teme. They gave us a friendly welcome and good food with draught ales, I seem to recall as a bonus – we all caught!

o         Thank you for listening to my prattle, if there are no questions? I would like to pass you over to our treasurer, Mr Mike Williamson.


Treasurers Report for year ending Jan 31 2010:  


This year because of the one-off income from matches I split the accounts into two parts, namely, our normal operating accounts and a separate ‘matches account’.


The accounts have been audited and signed as correct by our auditors.


Dealing with our normal operations:


We had an income of £2394 and an expenditure of £2489.56 meaning that we ran at a loss of £95.56 for the year.


However, we provided the venue for two matches during the year:

The RAF Championship

One section of the Division 1 National Championship


The RAF match brought us an income of £108

The National brought us an income of £901 and incurred expenditure of £99.86 making a profit of £801.14, Total profit from the two matches was £909.14.


When the profit from the matches is added to our operating loss we made an overall profit of £813.58


This is shown by the increase to our Bank Account of £688.94 and increase in cash in hand of £124.64


Currently we have £3327.06 in the bank and £125.56 cash in hand.


For your information:


Rents are likely to be about £2115 next year and other essential expenses £410 also we have committed to buying some stock fish during the year which will cost about £125 so total expenditure for the coming year is expected to be about £2650


Our Post Office account received interest of £2.02 and now stands at £141.72

We have an issue with BWB over the canal rent, the lease on which was renewed in May.  Owing to a ‘cock-up’ at BWB we have overpaid some £29 which I am endeavouring to reclaim.


Thank you, Mike Williamson.





Match Secretaries Report:


Peter Avery gave us a rundown of the attendance at the Nationals Matches and the support the anglers from these matches gave to the Saracens Head Pub, Peter thanked all of the members who supported the matches and was in turn thanked for his organisation of this.


Peter mentioned that although the Match Secretaries position was now deemed not necessary, if any members wanted to organise a ‘knock up’ or match please contact him (or any Committee member) and we will set something up.


Election of Officers:


Changes to last year’s committee are the closure of the position of Match Secretary, and the creation of the role of Liaison Officer.


Committee unanimously voted in as follows: 


Chairman:                                             Gordon Harrison                  01889 271145

Vice Chairman:                                    Andrew Willatt                      01889 271329

Secretary:                                              Graham Rowley                   01889 270994

Treasurer:                                             Mike Williamson                  01283 820407

Liaison Officer:                                    Pete Avery                            01785 212415

Workmaster:                                         A.V. Hall                                                01785 819179


Auditors: Neil Jennings & Charlie Challinor.


Subscriptions for 2010/11:


Membership costs held at last years rate of £30 senior and £5 junior (under 18 on 31 May)

We intend to continue with the ‘incentive bonus’ – if you (as a senior member) introduce a new member (not a rejoining member) to the club a £5 bonus will be offered, this will not be limited to numbers introduced, the joining member must be a senior and join before November.




The club has been contacted with regard to allowing our waters to be listed on places to fish by the environment agency, we have agreed but only in the case of the Trent & Mersey Canal.





It was mentioned that the committee would appreciate any ideas or input from the member with regard to improvements we could make – what do the members want from the club, any proposed changes can be directed through any committee member for discussion, the committees contact details are in this newsletter.


A handmade Bill Tagg 9’ graphite fly rod was offered for sale along with a reel and this was purchased by Mr Graham Ramshaw, it is nice to see this owned by a club member as Bill was one of our founders.




Monday May 10th at Seighford Lakes Stafford
Bring Your Own food (for barbecue) & drink
Experience not necessary as Club members can give tuition
It may be possible to borrow tackle from members
Wading not allowed.
Bring a friend.
Sport Ticket £15
2 Fish         £20
4 Fish         £25
Contact Mike Williamson for 'registration' on 01283 820407 or e-mail




Being no further business the meeting closed at 9:00 pm.




List of Waters


Ø             Trent & Mersey Canal:


From Bridge 79 Weston Lock (~1 ½ miles upstream of Weston) to a point approximately 400yrds downstream of Bridge 81.This is an extremely well stocked fishery with ruffe, gudgeon, dace, roach, rudd, bream, and perch in plentiful supply.  Perch run to 2lb+ throughout the fishery and carp show regularly on the upstream sections running up to 2 ½lb.  Chub are also plentiful with a 32lb bag taken in 2004 running to 4lb.  Mixed pleasure bags of 5-10 lb from an afternoons fishing are not uncommon and bags of over 20lb have occurred in both matches and pleasure fishing sessions.


Parking on the lower half of the Saracens Head Car Park (showing parking permit)


Ø             1 Acre Pool, Hixon:


Mature mixed coarse fishery containing perch, roach, bream, tench and carp.  Noted for its head of bream (to 6lb), tench (to 6lb) and carp (reputedly to 20lb, largest in 2004 – 16lb).  Good vehicle access (when dry) and good access for those with mobility problems.


From Weston, turn right onto the A51 towards Rugeley, after passing Ed Weetman (Transport) on your left, go under the bridge then turn sharp left towards Hixon. When you see an industrial unit on your left (Bristor) turn up the farm track on your right (Grange Hill Farm), once in the farmyard go right then left to a gate, once through the gate drive across the field to the right of a large tree, proceed through the gap and the pool is on your right. Parking is on the right of the pool near the gate.


Ø             River Tean, Uttoxeter:


Approximately 3 miles of the Tean.  Main quarry is the numerous grayling running to 2lb+ with brown trout, chub, dace, roach and perch also showing.


From Uttoxeter, drive towards Tean, going over the A50 on the flyover (Parks club/restaurant on your left you will  see a stables/farm building on your right. parking is in the area of the three gates-no cars beyond this point.  Please be courteous and considerate to the owner. There is no pedestrian access through the stable yard. We can however pass along the river bank past the stables.  The yard and paddocks downstream of the stables contain highly-strung horses, they tend to get excited if they see a made up fishing rod mistaking it for a training whip. Please exercise discretion when walking near the horses


Ø             River Blythe:


Approximately 1 mile of mainly double bank fishing running through the Manor Golf Club.  Mixed fishery with trout, roach, dace, perch, chub and occasional grayling.


Leave Weston on the A518 for Uttoxeter passing a roadside café on your left, drive up the hill, on the long decent keep an eye out for a metal gate on your right with a small pull in, park here and cross the field at an angle of about 30 degrees to your right from dead ahead, pass through a tied up gate into the golf course, stay to your left crossing the river bridge, the beat starts from the next small bridge you come to. Running back downstream to the railway bridge. Two parking slots are available at the Manor Golf Club (Please display your Club Parking Permit).


Ø             River Blythe, upper stretch:


Approximately ¾ mile of single bank fishing running through open countryside.  Dace, Roach, Perch, Chub and a few small Trout, the latter not in great numbers


From the junction of the B5027 and the turning for Withington/Leigh, continue towards Stone for 2.2 miles, take a right turn at the bottom of a dip in the road, difficult to see because of the trees surrounding the turn For members travelling from Stone, look for the clump of trees just through Field and turn left, there is no road name or signpost. The farm is immediately on the left, continue on for 300 meters to 5 bar metal gate on left, there is room to park under the large tree next to the gate for 3 or 4 cars. From the gate looking over the fields if you look to your right you can see upstream where the river winds through a long field, our stretch starts at the fence at the far end near the trees and finishes downstream as far as you can go (just below the entrance gate and to the left).



Ø             Gayton Brook, Weston:


Mixed running water fishery with trout, chub and even lampreys!


Parking on the lower half of the Saracens Head Car Park (showing parking permit)

Cross the road and walk through the church car park, go through the small gate at the side of the church and across the stile on the other side of a private drive. Keep going straight on, the beat runs from the railway bridge back downstream to the bridge under the canal.


Ø             Bramshall Pool:


Roach, Perch, Bream and we think Tench and Carp, the latter 2 not in great numbers, we would like reports back on any Tench or Carp caught, water approx 6 to 7 foot deep.


In Bramshall on the B5027 between Uttoxeter and Stone, turn into Church Lane (signposted Withington/Leigh). Continue on for 1.3 miles (passing the Robin Hood pub on the left). Pool situated on the left opposite smallholding, parking for 4 or 5 cars right next to the pool.




General Rules:



1.         All members are deemed to have read and understood these rules.  Members breaking these rules may be expelled from the Club.  In these circumstances, membership fees will not be reimbursed.


2.         All members fishing Club waters must carry a current Saracens Head Angling Group membership card and Environment Agency rod licence.  Members must produce their membership card when requested by the Riparian owner, Environment Agency official or any club member.  Club members must produce their membership card before requesting others to do so.  Any unauthorised person or persons found fishing club waters will either be requested to leave the water immediately or will be reported to the Environment Agency / local police.


3.         Members fish Club waters entirely at their own risk.


4.         Members must comply with the Environment Agency Regulations and any other local bye-laws.  


5.         Bloodworm and joker is banned on all club waters.


6.         An Environment Agency rod licence is required for all club waters.  No more than two rods may be fished at any one time.


7.         All rainbow trout of takeable size (over 10”/25cm) may be kept irrespective of fishing method.  No other fish may be removed from any club waters.


8.         Fly fishing only is permitted during the closed season on Club Rivers, subject to the member being in possession of the relevant Environment Agency licence.


9.         No fish are to be introduced to any club water without the approval of the Club committee and the Environment Agency.


10.       Night fishing is not permitted.  No litter, fires or dogs. Members are required to ensure that their peg is free from any litter (whether theirs or a previous angler) before leaving the water.


11.       No fish are to be carried in keep nets.


12.       Barbless or flattened barb to be used at all times.


13.       Keep nets are permitted only on the Canal and must comply with relevant EA/local bye-law requirements.


14.       No tins are to be brought to waters/pegs.


15.       The club will not be held liable for any local or national restrictions preventing access to the club waters.


16.       The Club officials have the power to interpret these Rules and other matters not covered herein. 






Water Specific Rules:


Trent & Mersey Canal


1.         Fishing is prohibited between the marked sections below power cables.  Members fishing these areas will be required to move to other “safe” pegs.  Persistent offenders will be reported to the committee and may be expelled from the club.

2.         Club arranged matches take precedent over individuals fishing and members will be required to relocate.


River Tean


1.         Fishing is by float, ledger or fly.  Only one rod is permitted to be fished at any one time.


River Blythe


1.         The river runs through the Manor Farm Golf Club.  Golfers, unless a member of SHAG do not have the right to fish the water.  Golfers have no right to challenge your being on the water unless they are entitled through membership of SHAG/EA etc.

2.         Anglers should be alert to the dangers from golf balls, especially where golfers drive across the river.

            Lost balls technically still belong to the owner.  To avoid complications golf balls should be left where they lie.

            Fishing is by float, ledger or fly.  Only one rod is permitted to be fished at any one time.


1-Acre Pool


1.         When fishing specifically for Carp, minimum of 8lb line should be used.

2.         No particle baits with the exception of hemp and sweetcorn.

3.         All gates must be kept shut.

4.         Unwanted bait must not be thrown into the water after your fishing session.

5.         Fixed lead rigs must not be used.

6.         Park sensibly.  Parking is at your risk and the club will accept no liability for any damage to vehicles.

7.         Access is through the farm yard.  Please enter and leave as quietly as possible.  Care should be taken when driving through the field so as not to spook the animals.


Additional Competition Rules:


1          All open and club contests are to be organised by the committee or officials authorised by the committee.

2          Competitors must hold a valid SHAG membership card and Environment Agency Rod Licence.

3          All club contests are subject to a fee per peg per competitor.

4          Members are welcome to organise their own contests on the Trent & Mersey Canal.  In these circumstances club arranged matches and individual anglers take precedence.

5          The authorised member shall define which pegs are to be fished on each match dependent on the numbers of competitors, condition / access to particular pegs or other matters identified prior to commencement of the draw.

6          Competitors are permitted to one draw per match and no competitor may exchange or move their peg.

7          Competitors may only use one baited tackle at any one time, but other tackle may be set up unbaited.  Only one hook is allowed on terminal tackle.

8          Any bait may be used except; live or dead baiting of fish, frogs, spinning baits or artificial lures.  Bloodworm and joker are banned from all SHAG venues.

9          Competitors may plumb their swim, set up terminal tackle (unbaited), mix groundbait, position keepnets, and clear debris before the start of the contest.  Groundbait must not be added to the swim before the start.

10        All tackle i.e. keepnets, landing nets and weights etc must comply with current bye-laws in force. 

11        Competitors are permitted to fish a maximum of 1 metre from either side of their drawn peg.  Competitors cannot fish past the half way point between their peg and the adjoining competitor.

12        Competitors must stop on their own peg and may receive no help or assistance to land fish. 

13        Competitors must stop fishing on the finishing signal.  If a competitor is playing a fish they will be given 15 minutes from the finishing signal to land it.

14        Competitors that retire early from the match should leave the water in order not to cause a nuisance to other competitors.

15        All fresh water fish are eligible for the weigh in.  Pike, trout, crayfish and other crustaceans will not be weighed in.  Trout must be returned immediately to the water if caught.

16        Competitors will be weighed in once.  It is their responsibility to ensure that all their fish are weighed in.  The authorised member’s decision is final.

17        Competitors are responsible for ensuring their peg is free from all litter, whether it is theirs or not before the weigh in.  No competitor will be weighed in with litter/debris on their peg.  Unused bait must not be thrown into the swim or left on their peg at the end of the match but must taken away for disposal.

18        The authorised member may award prize money for up to 5th place as per the schedule of payments agreed by the committee. 

19        The club officials have the power to interpret these Rules and other matters not covered herein.  Any competitor found in contravention of these rules could be subject to disqualification.  Any objection must be made to the authorised member or other committee member within 1 hour of finish of the match and followed up in writing with 24 hours.






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New membership applications:

Please send the completed form to any of the following.


M. Williamson                  Graham Rowley             Gordon Harrison

21 Woodland Views     Heathcroft                       8 Old School Close

Marchington                    Home farm                                     Weston

Staffs                                  Ingestre                              Stafford

ST14 8NF                            Staffs                                  ST18 0HF

ST18 0PZ






Membership application form


If you know anyone who would like to join the club please cut out this form and ask them to fill it in.


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Complete and return with cheque for £30 (£5 juniors 18 & under). Payable to S.H.A.G.


NAME:                                               _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

HOUSE NAME / NUMBER:            _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

STREET:                                             _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

TOWN:                                               _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

COUNTY:                                          _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

POSTCODE:                                      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

CONTACT NUMBER:                      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

EMAIL ADDRESS:                          _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



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